He’s My Ruthless Billionaire Novel by Lexi

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, He’s My Ruthless Billionaire by Lexi.

He’s My Ruthless Billionaire Novel Summary.

“Everyone has a heart. The difference is some think it’s just for pumping blood” Priyanshi Agarwal. Love blossoms in the most unexpected ways.

He is a ruthless billionaire, who loves only power and money. She is an innocent woman, ready to do anything for her family. What game is fate trying to play with them? Join me on a romantic journey of two opposites It is true, opposite attracts.

She always had a crush on him. But not now– not anymore, not when she learned the deepest secrets about him. But he had already noticed her, and now he wants her, and damn, he gets what he wants.

He's My Ruthless Billionaire Novel by Lexi
He’s My Ruthless Billionaire Novel by Lexi

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