His Lost Lycan Luna Novel by Jessica Hall

Introducing “His Lost Lycan Luna,” a captivating novel by Jessica Hall. In this spellbinding tale, Ivy, a young Rogue, navigates a bleak existence, marked by the tragic loss of her parents at the hands of her Alpha.

His Lost Lycan Luna Novel Summary

In the world of Ivy, a young Rogue, life was a relentless struggle. Her parents fell victim to their Alpha’s ruthless reign, leaving Ivy to endure a harsh existence. By a peculiar law meant to safeguard Rogue children, Ivy was spared until she reached the age of 18, at which point her Alpha would determine her fate. Although her life was already steeped in misery, Ivy dreaded the Alpha’s impending judgment, expecting the worst.

But destiny had a different plan. On the very day Ivy’s fate hung in the balance, the Lycan King, a figure of myth and power, made an unexpected visit. In a twist of fate, Ivy found herself spared by the Lycan King’s decree, which compelled the Alpha to relinquish her. Although Ivy pleaded for leniency for her friend Abbie, her newfound freedom was still out of reach.

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King Kyson, the last of the Lycan Royals, became captivated by Ivy and decided to claim her as his personal attendant. An inexplicable obsession drove Kyson, leading him to a startling revelation – Ivy was his mate. Yet, as secrets about Ivy’s family’s past and their Rogue status emerged, Kyson faced a challenging decision: could he forgive her for her parents’ actions?

Their world teetered on the brink of darkness as the past’s hidden truths began to unravel, rogue children vanished mysteriously, and rebellion reared its head once more. King Kyson was left with no option but to protect Ivy, even if it meant risking his own life when their connection was severed.

In the midst of love, vengeance, and blurred lines, temptation beckoned. Could the King overcome the scars of his past, and would Ivy find it in her heart to forgive the pain he caused her?

His Lost Lycan Luna Novel by Jessica Hall
His Lost Lycan Luna Novel by Jessica Hall.

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Dive into the enthralling world of “His Lost Lycan Luna” by Jessica Hall. Join Ivy and King Kyson on a journey of love, secrets, and redemption. Read below.


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