His Mate Novel by Yua

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His Mate Novel Summary.

This story tells about an orphan boys named Alendro aged 19, he was raised by his uncle Emir Rahman and his wife Mira Rahman.

Alen is a slow and sociable boys but his one weakness is that he is too innocent and careless.

On the first day of Alen’s internship at a fairly well-known company, he almost arrived late because the online taxi he ordered didn’t come.

Without asking again, Alen, who was already very worried, got into a car that suddenly stopped in front of his. “Who are you?” asked the driver flatly “Never mind,

sir, don’t ask too many questions, just run the car, I’m almost late,” said Alen casually while tidying his messy hair Who is the man behind the wheel? Lucky or unlucky after Alen meets Alveer Erlangga Kusuma?

His Mate Novel by Yua
His Mate Novel by Yua

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