His Saved Slave Novel by Javyriah

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, His Saved Slave by Javyriah.

His Saved Slave Novel Summary.

Leila was doing a role-play drama on the stage. All the people there were mesmerized by her beauty and her acting but two dark eyes fixed on her was up to no good.

Damien took out his phone. He dialled a number… “I want you to kidnap a girl. Her name is Leila. I will send you the address.

Drop her there…” He said with an evil smirk playing on his lips. Leila didn’t know that her little mistake would make her life more miserable.

She messed up with the wrong man. Damien was now sitting peacefully gawking at her like a hunter to his prey.

His Saved Slave Novel by Javyriah
His Saved Slave Novel by Javyriah

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