His Secret Child Novel by Indriani Sonaris

If you appreciate amazing novels, you won’t want to overlook this captivating novel titled, His Secret Child by Indriani Sonaris.


His Secret Child Novel Summary.

When I see it again, then at that time I will never let go again. A woman is walking towards the elevator in a skyscraper. Several files were in his arms.

She pressed the elevator button and lowered her head while gently tapping on the black high heels she was wearing. Ting! After waiting for quite a while, the elevator door finally opened wide,

and he immediately entered it without thinking. He pressed the number button according to the floor he wanted to go to. However, his eyes immediately fell on someone.

The atmosphere inside the elevator immediately felt gripping, as if there was a dark and eerie aura enveloping the elevator. Of course, it wasn’t because of the presence of a ghost, but an even scarier creature.

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The woman immediately glanced behind her to see if she had looked wrong, and her gaze met the piercing dark gray eyes of someone she once knew. The man grinned a little with hungry gazes tracing his whole body,

making the woman feel very nervous and scared. “Se-good afternoon, Mr. Davero,” he muttered nervously. “Afternoon,” he answered hoarsely. The tall, handsome man stepped closer to the woman, leaving her stunned. She backed away slowly.

The man who was called Davero did not stop his movements. He continued to corner the woman until he touched the elevator wall behind him.

He looked scared because the man was getting closer. “Long time no see,” said Davero with a grin that made the hairs stand on end. The woman could not move a bit.

Moreover, the man’s hand touched the wall right beside the beautiful woman’s head. “What do you want from me?” asked the woman in a weak voice, almost a whisper, after gathering all her courage.

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“You!” Instantly, the woman’s body tensed, and she got goosebumps because she heard a whisper full of threats and pressure that was undeniable. Unknowingly, the woman held her breath out of fear. “You’re Mine!”.

His Secret Child Novel by Indriani Sonaris
His Secret Child Novel by Indriani Sonaris

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