His Wild Mate Novel by GalateyaTS

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His Wild Mate Novel Summary.

Noah Collins has always believed in second chances. Especially when it came to the turned-the werewolves whose human conscience has been wiped out by the humans.

When Noah accidentally meets and saves his own turned mate, he knows there might be hope for her. But unwilling to risk everything he’s ever worked for-his place in the pack, his home, his perfect relationship,

he abandons her and returns to his pack. His world stops when his wild mate shows up at the border of his pack-all human and all intending to stay.

Her appearance turns everything upside down, and soon, questions start clouding his head. Nothing is clear anymore.

Not the enemies trying to kill her, not her presence in his life, and especially not the things Noah thought were right for him.

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Chained in the middle of a crossroad, he is forced to make decisions that could cost him everything. Including his life.

His Wild Mate Novel by GalateyaTS
His Wild Mate Novel by GalateyaTS

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