Holy Roman Empire by New Sea Moon

Holy Roman Empire by New Sea Moon is a historical novel consisting of 60 chapters that delve into the story of Austria’s rise to power under the House of Habsburg. 

Summary of Holy Roman Empire 

The plot revolves around the empire, which, despite its name, was not holy, but nonetheless played an important role in shaping European history.

The House of Habsburgs, which is central to the story, faced numerous challenges and triumphs as they sought to reclaim their dominance. The story takes the reader through the events leading up to the House of Habsburg’s succession, including political intrigue, battles, and alliances.

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Holy Roman Empire by New Sea Moon
Holy Roman Empire by New Sea Moon

As the plot progresses, we see the empire reclaim its power through the efforts of the House of Habsburg. Anyone interested in history, particularly the politics and intrigues that shaped Europe’s past, will enjoy this novel. 

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This is a well-written book that combines historical facts with fictional elements to create an immersive narrative.

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