HP: Arms Dealer Novel

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HP: Arms Dealer Novel Summary

“As long as it can be used in battle or war, everything counts as arms. Be it magic, ninjutsu, or even Devil Fruits, they are all considered arms. And as long as it’s arms, you can buy it all from me.” — Gemini.

“Ron! This thing is much more useful than a wand!” — Dual-Wielding Harry.

“Gemini, where the hell is my alchemical magic cannon? Bring it up for me!” — Iron Girl Hermione.

“Captain Seamus is on standby!” — Explosives Maniac Seamus.

In 1991, Gemini brought his weapons shop to Hogwarts.

He is a merchant, and he is a badass.

HP: Arms Dealer Novel
HP: Arms Dealer Novel

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