Hunter’s State Novel

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Hunter’s State Novel Summary

Youtasuke Hikaru, a young man from Ishmael’s slum ruins, aspires to be a hunter, defending the city from enigmatic WMCs (Worldly Mysterious Creatures). However, hunters must hail from within the city walls. One night, Youta aids an injured hunter who grants him his rank and power, enabling him to enter the city and forge a new life.

Training unveils Youta’s underestimated challenges. WMCs prove stronger and craftier than he ever imagined. Amid battles, he unearths corrupt hunters and clandestine groups aiming to control the city.

As Youta fights to safeguard his home, his personal history unfolds. Linked to the city’s fate, he confronts his greatest trials to protect his loved ones.

Through battles and obstacles, Youta learns vital lessons in camaraderie, loyalty, and self-sacrifice, navigating the intricate world of hunters.

A Science Fantasy mix with advance technology, Monsters and some what Magic.

hunter's state Novel
hunter’s state Novel

Hunter’s State Free Online Novel

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