Hybrid Aria IV Novel by Jessica Hall

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Hybrid Aria IV Novel Summary.

Alpha King’s Mate Can’t believe the Moon goddess my own great great great grandmother would curse her own grandson to a life of misery.

Blessings are what they say mates are, mine are a curse. Before I knew how badly mates could destroy you, tear apart your soul, I craved mine.

Craved finding my other half, now I know better. Mate’s are a distraction one I couldn’t afford, yet here I am still searching for my little white wolf knowing I will be damned when I finally catch her,

that I will once again have to tear off another piece of my soul when I am forced to kill this one too. Mate’s are no blessing and the Moon Goddess, well I have given up on her,


my mother is a pure hybrid a direct descendant of the Moon goddess herself,making her the hybrid Queen until she handed her title to me stepping down, now I am the cursed Alpha king.

My father was a werewolf so the only good thing I got out of my mother being a hybrid was being the ultimate predator, luckily I was also blessed with a wolf.

My twin sisters were like my mother, just hybrid’s, no wolf’s no shifting, my younger brothers were like me though, tends to run in the female side the hybrid genes.

I only craved blood in wolf form, my sisters craved it all the time.

Hybrid Aria IV Novel by Jessica Hall
Hybrid Aria IV Novel by Jessica Hall

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