I am Eone by Xero

Evolution is a necessity for survival, not a choice of power.

Aryan, a 17-year-old boy, has struggled his entire life to lead a respectable life. Because he could now see the fruits of his years of labor.
Yet before he could even rejoice in his achievement, he has transferred to another planet. a hostile environment filled with demons, dungeons, and magic.

I am Eone Xero_5825
I am Eone Xero_5825

And what followed made a permanent shift in him.

Why was he called to this strange land? What did he want out of life? Will he put up a fight for his life or will he give up?

How did Aryan become Eone, and how?

Follow along with me as we follow Aryan on his journey to EONE if you want the answers to these questions. in a magical and evolutionary world.
I am Eone.

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Why read this novel?
1. You are bored with regular reincarnation story and want something new
2. If you want to see a Gigachad mc
3. You love dark action and humor
4. You love solo players.
5. OP villains and mysterious story plot.

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Read I am Eone by Xero for Free

Read I am Eone by Xero for Free

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