I am not Your Love Story Novel by Yukiro

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I am not Your Love Story Novel Summary.

Liam Smith, an orphan, has had a dream for years; to become a star of the ever-famous Lotus Pond Entertainment company.

However, when he meets the famous and attractive CEO of the company, notorious playboy, Kain Jones, things take an unexpected turn.

Kain is unfriendly, and rude and even rejects Liam’s wishes of joining the company! Kain is not at all what Liam had expected his childhood star to be like at all! Disappointed,

but not put off, Liam refuses to give up on his dreams of becoming a star and vows to do anything to get that chance, including doing whatever Kain demands of him, but just how far is Liam willing to go?

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“Your fervent, misguided sense of entitlement is stunning,” Kain snarls at me. His nose twitches in indignation before a slow, cruel smirk crawls over his lips.

He mouths the word ‘anything’, repeating what I had just said before leaning in and taking my chin into his fingers,

brushing my lips with his thumb as he says in a low growl, “why don’t you show me…”

I am not Your Love Story Novel by Yukiro
I am not Your Love Story Novel by Yukiro

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