I Find You Novel by Myah London

Make sure you don’t overlook this lovely novel, I Find You by Myah London.


I Find You Novel Summary.

The reason Areilla Shelton went aboard four years ago was that she was framed by her stepsister.

During the past four years, she suffered a lot. Now she is strong enough to fight against her stepsister.

Therefore, she finally decides to come back home from aboard along with her baby twins. At the airport, she comes across Ivan Haynes.

Ivan is the president of Haynes Group. He gets a disease that he can’t touch women, whether young or old. If he touches them,

he will have a rash. But when he meets Ariella, all these symptoms are disappeared. Maybe it’s her that is his medicine.

I Find You Novel by Myah London
I Find You Novel by Myah London

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