I Have Seven Stunning Sisters by Urian

I Have Seven Stunning Sisters by Urian is a story of a young man who has seven beautiful sisters, each with their own unique talents and personalities. 

Summary of I Have Seven Stunning Sisters

The protagonist, who kept a secret despite being pampered by his sisters, evolved into a king with the power to quake the earth.

The first sister, Ye Qingcheng, is an aloof CEO who is excellent at managing her company. Lin Qingtan, the second sister, is a skilled doctor who can cure even the most difficult illnesses. Liu Yan’er, the third sister, is a seductive killer who is feared by her enemies. 

Wang Bingning, the fourth sister, is a beautiful reporter who is always seeking the truth. Chu Yao, the fifth sister, is mysterious and unpredictable, while Xiao Qin, the sixth sister, is a peerless actress loved by all. Lastly, Luo Li, the seventh sister, has an extraordinary status.

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I Have Seven Stunning Sisters by Urian
I Have Seven Stunning Sisters by Urian

Fifteen years ago, when the protagonist was still young, his sisters treated him like a close relative. Now, it is his turn to protect them. However, as the king who makes the world tremble, he faces challenges from powerful enemies and conspiracies that threaten to tear his family apart.

I Have Seven Stunning Sisters is a unique and engaging story that blends magical realism, action, and romance. The protagonist’s relationships with his sisters are complex and intriguing. If you’re a fan of stories with a supernatural twist and a touch of romance, this book is definitely worth checking out.

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