I’ll Save The Female Lead Novel

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I’ll Save The Female Lead Novel Summary

As I found myself thrust into this bewildering situation, I couldn’t help but wonder if fate had a strange sense of humor. Here I was, once the top A-rank agent, now trapped in the role of a notorious villainess in a reverse harem novel.

But why did it had to be the villainess?

Well, I don’t care! But now that I’m here, I’ll enjoy my life to the fullest that I couldn’t before. Plus, my family is real rich.

Though an issue soon occurred. The female lead keeps sticking to me! I tried to get rid of her by distancing myself since I don’t want to end up in the chaos like in the novel…

But the female lead is just so adorable!!

What would happen if the once fearsome antagonist was now trying to protect the very person she once tormented? 

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“Sabiiiii!” Ann’s voice chimed, her eyes sparkling with innocence. It was hard to resist her charm, and I found myself softening despite my initial intentions.

And it seems the so-called main suitors are suffering from collective amnesia. They flocked to me, oblivious to the fact that Anne was the true focus of their affections.

“Stay Away! I will not give you my lovely Ann,” I declared, my frustration mounting.
“Who said I wanted her?”

I'll Save The Female Lead Novel
I’ll Save The Female Lead Novel

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