I’m Not Crazy; Just Hungry by WhiteRaven3

I’m Not Crazy; Just Hungry by WhiteRaven3 is a unique horror novel that explores the philosophical question of whether it’s ever okay to kill someone. 

Summary of I’m Not Crazy; Just Hungry 

The story is told through the eyes of Ethan Hendrix, a man with thousands of identities and one of the worst villains ever born. Throughout the novel, Ethan wrestles with his own moral code as well as the moral codes of those around him. He believes that killing is never acceptable, but as he navigates a world filled with killers and saints, he is forced to confront his own beliefs.

Ethan lacks dignity and has no regard for power, but he is also a man of his word. 

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I'm Not Crazy; Just Hungry by WhiteRaven3
I’m Not Crazy; Just Hungry by WhiteRaven3

He is the most stable mentally, but the least stable physically and spiritually. He’s both kind and cruel, and depending on his mood, he can help you up or push you down. In a nutshell, he represents the fear of intimacy and lies like a black rabbit.

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Ethan is forced to confront difficult questions about morality and the nature of killing as he navigates the world. Is it ever permissible to murder a sinner? Is it okay for killers to kill other killers? The book does not provide easy answers to these questions, but rather poses them as a way for readers to reflect critically on their own beliefs.

I’m Not Crazy; Just Hungry is a thought-provoking and unique horror novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Anyone who enjoys dark philosophical fiction should read this.

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