I’m The Devil Novel

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I’m The Devil Novel Summary

Getting Reincarnated as the Biblical Devil isn’t something our protagonist ever thought was possible.
He was a firm believer and knew how powerful God and the Angels were, they are existence that are not to be thrived with especially God.
But here he was as the Archangel Samael, the left hand of God or the poison of God casted from Heaven to hell for rebelling against his Father, God.
“what is the meaning of this, is this God’s doing”
our protagonist wondered as he knew very well that there is no way that the Almighty would not know something about this.
So he decided to wait a little while to see what would happen to him but something else happened, what he had expected did not happened, so he has to take in the fact that he is now the new Devil, the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Bloody Morningstar.

I'm The Devil Novel
I’m The Devil Novel

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