I’m the King of Technology by lumydee

I’m the King of Technology by lumydee is a 1,642 chapter fantasy novel. 

Summary of I’m the King of Technology

The plot revolves around Chu Yi, who dies in a car accident and is reborn as Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of Arcadina’s ruler, King Barn. For this reason, his father and half-siblings looked down on him because of his mother’s status as a maid.

Landon is given the city of Baymard, a barren and impoverished land, at the age of 15, as a banishment. But Landon isn’t deterred and is determined to transform his territory into a modern society. He awakens with a system that will assist him in achieving this goal.

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I'm the King of Technology by lumydee
I’m the King of Technology by lumydee

Landon’s ambition is to transform his city into a technological wonderland that will be the envy of the empire. His journey, however, is not without difficulties, and he must overcome numerous obstacles, such as hostile neighboring kingdoms, corrupt officials, and the envy of his half-siblings.

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I’m the King of Technology is an engrossing story that combines fantasy and science fiction elements to create a unique and fascinating world. The story has a lot to offer with a large number of chapters, and readers will enjoy following Landon’s journey from a despised illegitimate child to a technological innovator and king.

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