Immortal Divine Domain Novel

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Immortal Divine Domain Novel Summary

Alexander was an orphan adopted by Odin and brought to the City of Hope. Since his adoption, he has lived in this city and never left.

Ten millennia later, his senior, Thor, ascended to become the Thunder God, possessing immense power that transcended the world and propelled him into higher cosmic realms. Before leaving, Thor entrusted the important role of the city’s master to Alexander, urging him to take good care of the residents of the City of Hope and the devotees of the temple.

At the time, Alexander was the most senior member in the City of Hope, although he was reluctant to become its master. His contemporaries, such as Lucifer, Michael, Ares, Olorun, Selene, and Gilgamesh, had all become true deities and left the mortal world.

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As the master of the City of Hope, Alexander bore the heavy responsibility of protecting the city and its followers. Unfortunately, The Ashen Wing Syndicate betrayed their faith and summoned a host of demons to invade the Earth. Alexander and his lover fought to defend the city and temple but ultimately perished in battle.

Years later, Alexander awoke from his tomb. Filled with a desire for revenge, he also hopes to rebuild this once glorious city.

The story also contains some elements related to Litrpg, but they will not dominate the narrative.

Immortal Divine Domain Novel
Immortal Divine Domain Novel

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