IN BED WITH THE BOSS Novel by Whendhie

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, IN BED WITH THE BOSS by Whendhie.


The last thing Scott McCall expected to see in his hotel room one night is a beautiful waitress.

A woman so desperate for a job at his company that she would do anything to get his attentionā€¦like sneak into his hotel room to talk to him.

Despite his growing attraction for this woman, Scott McCall throws logic out the door and hires her anyway. Vivian Sanchez is excited.

She got a job at a successful company, despite all the mistakes and bad decisions she madeā€¦ and she couldn’t believe it. Everything was falling into place and It was all happening like a fairytale.

She vows to give this new job her best, but there’s just one problem. Her boss Being crazily attracted to Scott McCall was a situation Vivian didn’t quite anticipate when she asked for this job,

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and she doesn’t quite know how to handle it. The long awkward gazes, subtle flirting and tension between them is enough to make anyone crazy. An affair with the boss could ruin her, but what is life without risks?

IN BED WITH THE BOSS Novel by Whendhie
IN BED WITH THE BOSS Novel by Whendhie

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