Indebted To A Billionaire Novel by Yukides

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Indebted To A Billionaire Novel Summary.

Rich beyond imagination, Nicholas Graces is married to Rachel Blackwell, whom she is indebted to. Dark secrets spill mercilessly around them about how she was indebted to him.

Meanwhile, Rachel discovers she wasn’t just indebted to him, but had a past so vile, that she started blaming God for what happened to her.

With her parents gone as consequence to the deathly match of money vs love, Rachel begins to grasp the real world and sheds her innocent skin. However.

Two people are trying to separate the happily married couple. For love.

Will Rachel and Nicholas stand through the tides of bad luck approaching them one after another? A little drama is too little. Indulge in the most dramatic billionaire book: Indebted To A Billionaire.

Indebted To A Billionaire Novel by Yukides
Indebted To A Billionaire Novel by Yukides

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