Into The Portal: Monster Invasion

Into The Portal: Monster Invasion by GodonAHill is a thrilling fantasy novel set in a world where humanity is united against a common foe. 

Summary of Into The Portal

Monsters from another world have invaded Earth, larger and more powerful than any animal. Humans band together to fight the monsters, but their weapons are useless. That is until they discover a fragment of an orb in the monster’s brain that can be transformed into weapons capable of harming the monsters.

Miles Cross, the protagonist, is a hapless adolescent who was born with dormant Ancient Genes but was unable to activate his superpower. 

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Into The Portal: Monster Invasion
Into The Portal: Monster Invasion

He is, however, determined to grow stronger and fight the monsters. Miles and other humans awaken superpowers to battle the monsters with the help of Mother AI, an Artificial Intelligence created by the native race living in the Portal World.

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The book is action-packed, with plenty of plot twists to keep readers interested. The author does an excellent job of painting a vivid picture of the world and the monsters, and the character development is also commendable. The novel has 417 chapters, but each one is a page-turner that will leave readers wanting more.

This is an exciting and well-written fantasy novel that is sure to satisfy fans of the genre.

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