Involved With The Gangster And The Ceo Novel

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Involved With The Gangster And The Ceo Novel Summary.

In “Involved with the CEO and the Gangster”, Adele is a mysterious and captivating woman with a dark past that she tries to forget by assuming a new identity in another city,

after having plastic surgery and a face change, and becoming a famous model . Carrying a fortune acquired in the past, she seeks a second chance at life.

However, fate leads her to cross paths with Heitor, a dominant gangster in the country’s drug scene, with whom she falls in love and becomes pregnant. However, before revealing her pregnancy,

Adele discovers that Heitor is cheating on her, which leaves her deeply disappointed. In a moment of desperation, she flees to the beach, determined to end her life.

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It is then that Robert appears, an eccentric billionaire who seeks to fill the void in his soul with adventures and adrenaline. Attracted by Adele’s intensity, Robert becomes obsessed with her and decides to do everything to have her by her side,

including trying a contract marriage and facing Heitor as equals. As the secrets of Adele’s past and the trafficking plot intertwine, she finds herself torn between Heitor’s dangerous love and Robert’s intense passion,

getting involved with both and not revealing who the child’s father is, in the intention of giving the coup and being heir to the legacy of the two.

Can love change the adventurous and ambitious nature of them all? Is there forgiveness for betrayals, lies and revealed pasts? Check it out at Involved with the CEO and the Gangster.

Involved With The Gangster And The Ceo Novel by Love Letters
Involved With The Gangster And The Ceo Novel by love letters

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