Is It Farewell My King? Novel by Yhen Amor

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Is It Farewell My King? Novel Summary.

Areza was a Carkas Princess who died in a battle against the troop of warriors sent by the Young Persian King, King Severo, a Demi-God King,

who has the ability to shift into different forms. She rose from the dead with the help of Rashnu, an angel, who was said to be the righteous judge of the dead who stood on theĀ Chinvat Bridge or that way between the world of the living and the dead.

She managed to enter King Severo’s Kingdom not to avenge but to fulfill a mission… She rose to the throne . . . Then she met Alpha King Seben of the Kingdom of the North, who suddenly claimed her as his mate, his destined fate.

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Could there be a beautiful and exciting love story between Princess Areza and King Severo or Princess Areza and Alpha King Seben in the end? Or,

Angel Rashnu would come to claim her spirit and throw her into the world of the dead for non-fulfillment of her mission?

Is It Farewell My King? Novel by Yhen Amor
Is It Farewell My King? Novel by Yhen Amor

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