It’s Billionaire Vs Ex Heiress Now Novel by Spring Is here

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It’s Billionaire Vs Ex Heiress Now Novel Summary

“You’ve always wanted to give a name to our rivalry. I didn’t realize it would be this.”

“Nonsense! I wouldn’t imagine this even in my worst nightmare.”

“Then Miss Rosette, be ready because I’m going to make this a fucking tempting nightmare that you won’t be able to resist having fun in.”

“Never in this life!”

“Probably all your life.”

Her snarl met his smirk and began the next level of their rivalry.

Jackson Carter, when entered his thirties, was rich, successful, and famous. The owner and CEO of JC group, which had many businesses under their umbrella, had always been unapproachable and aloof. No one knew why.

There was bare minimum information about his past, specifically about his family and he wanted it so. But when that one person he considered family announces their plan,

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Jackson’s past is at risk of exposure. Will he be able to protect the secret he’s been hiding while honoring the promise made to an elder? Especially when the secret is almost at the edge of his enemy’s lips,

the very lips he’d dared to taste back in the past. Cordelia Rosette had everything in her life, loving parents, a classy social circle, a rich and extravagant lifestyle with compulsory holidays abroad, and a loving boyfriend.

But one fine day everything came crashing down when her father refused to hand over their family business, something she’d always been aspiring for.

The reason he gave shook the ground she was standing proud on. Being optimistic, Cordelia decided to find a way out of the current complications. But is she ready to pay the price? Especially when the price is in a form of sin she’d promised herself she’d never commit again,

the sin of loving the rude and arrogant Jackson Carter, her number one enemy. Jackson and Cordelia have always been at odds with each other since childhood. The rivalry grew and followed them to college but often fire attracts temptation and this engulfed them both.

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Days were about troubling each other to the point of insanity and nights were about being embroiled in passion to the point where they could set the house on fire. But all of this ended the day Cordelia decided to cut ties with both the rivalry and the passion-savory relationship between them. Only if this was that easy.

What was to be a simple conversation became a public event on their graduation day and Jackson decided he wanted to hold a grudge. This fructified when he got a chance to redeem himself as Cordelia’s number one rival and things became ugly between the two.

Both decided not to see each other ever again. But when has fate been the way you wanted it to be? Turns out they had something in common, Akira Takahashi, a man both respected and were now under his promise that they will have to marry each other.

Stunned and shaken, as soon as they recover, it is decided that they will enter into a contract marriage for a year and will end when both of them have got what they want from the old man, money.

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With this Jackson and Cordelia are given a chance to sort out their misunderstandings. Will they realize their love for each other or will their rivalry continue until they’re both hurt and destroyed beyond repair? To find out read, ‘It’s Billionaire Vs Ex Heiress Now!’.

It's Billionaire Vs Ex Heiress Now Novel by Spring Is here
It’s Billionaire Vs Ex Heiress Now Novel by Spring Is here

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