Journey: The Destructive Incarnate Novel

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Journey: The Destructive Incarnate Novel Summary

Sometimes in this little things are those that matter a lot. For someone who has and had it all, it won’t be seen as anything grand, but for those who had been thrown into the bottom of the pit called hell. Even such little things matter.

Then you may be wondering which category I fall into, and the answer will be both. After all, I have lost all things and also gained everything. I have lived in a place devoid of any warmth, but I have also lived in the presence of a happy family.

It is hard to understand, and I know how stupid it sounds when said out loud. But what can I say that type of existence is what I have become.

So what do you think I will do? Well, there are many things for me to do. After all, I have quite a lot of time left in this world.

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But if I have to speak of something from the top of my head, I wish to create a loving family, live in peace, and be with the ones I love forever.

Do you think I can make that dream a possibility, maybe, maybe not? Why don’t you guys follow me and see it through my eyes?

Let us both walk to the end of this journey together.

Journey: The Destructive Incarnate Novel
Journey: The Destructive Incarnate Novel

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