Joy of Life by Mao Ni

Joy of Life by Mao Ni is a historical novel set in the fictional world of the Tang Dynasty, in China. 


Summary of Joy of Life

The story revolves around the protagonist, Fan Xian, who is the son of a noble family. Fan Xian was born with a unique gift, which is his ability to see through people’s true intentions. However, he kept this ability hidden from everyone and chose to live a carefree life.

One day, Fan Xian received a letter from his mother, whom he had not seen in years, asking him to return to the capital. He decided to obey his mother’s request and thus begin his journey to the capital. Along the way, he met different people, including Lin Wan’er, who became his close friend and eventually, his love interest.

As Fan Xian reached the capital, he discovered the dark side of the government, which was filled with corruption and deceit. Despite his desire to live a peaceful life, Fan Xian could not turn a blind eye to the injustice around him. He used his unique abilities and intelligence to navigate the dangerous political landscape and became involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the corrupt government.

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Joy of Life by Mao Ni
Joy of Life by Mao Ni

Throughout the novel, Mao Ni beautifully portrayed the different characters and their relationships. The story also depicted the struggles of ordinary people in a society that favored the privileged. The intricate political plot, combined with a touch of romance and humor, makes “Joy of Life” an enjoyable read.

Joy of Life is a well-written historical novel that will transport readers to a world filled with political intrigue, romance, and adventure.

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