King of German Mercenaries by Artimer

King of German Mercenaries by Artimer is a thrilling and action-packed military novel. 


Summary of King of German Mercenaries 

The plot centers on Marin, a young knight who was ejected from his home and then inexplicably transported to the fifteenth century. He decides to become a mercenary and starts his own mercenary force during the era of German mercenaries established by Maximilian I using his knowledge of history and video games.

Marin fights alongside Swiss and French armies, earning the respect of Emperors, Kings, and even the Pope as he negotiates the perilous and dangerous world of mercenaries. He starts to take part in the maritime trade and colonial competition by sending ships to “tail” the Da Gama fleet that is sailing to India.

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King of German Mercenaries by Artimer
King of German Mercenaries by Artimer

The author transports the reader to a world of politics, alliances, and battles with his vivid descriptions of medieval warfare. A thrilling read, Marin’s mercenary journey is rife with obstacles and victories.

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Fans of historical and military fiction will love King of German Mercenaries.

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