Knot Guaranteed Novel by Jillian West

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Knot Guaranteed Novel Summary.

Tinley Rhodes is an anomaly. Despite her anatomy and pheromones, she still hasn’t had a heat, meaning the law says she’s technically not an omega.

She’s stuck between designations, but even omegas have to financially provide for themselves. When a friend’s older brother offers to help her get a job using her skills as a photographer, she knows she can’t say no.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye as she collides with rock stars with wounds of their own.

Former lead singer, Warrick Malone, is still healing from the injuries that nearly cost him his life while coming to terms with the fact his musical career is over.

Ramsey Malone is busy plotting ways to bring back the light to his twin brother’s eyes.

And Colin Fitzpatrick is filling in for Warrick while trying to get the woman he loves to notice him. Add in the pressure of keeping her away from some of the darker aspects of touring, and it’s not like he’s about to go feral or anything.

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Can they come together to heal each other’s cracks? Will any pack really want half of an omega?

Knot Guaranteed is a standalone with no cliffhanger! As with all of my books, you’ll find no cheating, no choosing, and a pack of men who fall first. There is no OW drama and the focus is completely on the FMC.

Knot Guaranteed Novel by Jillian West
Knot Guaranteed Novel by Jillian West

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