Last King of Kings by Xmafian

Last King of Kings by Xmafian is a historical fiction novel with 67 chapters that explores an alternate history of the Sassanid Empire.


Summary of Last King of Kings 

Yazdegerd III, the final Sassanid emperor who was crowned at the tender age of eight, serves as the focal point of the narrative. The empire struggled with enemies, internal conflict, and a deadly plague that put its survival in jeopardy.

Despite the difficulties, Yazdegerd III was committed to reviving the Empire and guiding it out of its difficult circumstances. The Sassanid Empire eventually fell to its enemies, so his efforts were in vain.

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Last King of Kings by Xmafian
Last King of Kings by Xmafian

The author transports readers to a parallel world where Yazdegerd III triumphs over the obstacles facing the Empire and restores it to its former splendor.

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Political intrigue, conflicts, and internal struggles are prevalent in the narrative. The author expertly blends historical facts with fiction to create a gripping narrative that holds readers’ attention from start to finish.

The book is a must-read if you like historical fiction and alternative histories.

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