Level Up Legacy by MellowGuy

As a Runes Wordsmith—someone who uses the world’s runes—Arthur gains the ability to create. His legacy requires him to undertake tasks that are beyond his comprehension, yet he is prepared to take any risk necessary to put poverty and infirmity behind him.

In a world of superhumans, magical towers, demi-humans, and the legacy of a guardian who begs him to go against the grain, he embarks on an adventure. Read his account of how he defeated everyone out to do him harm by using artifacts and runes.

Uncertain of what was happening, Arthur Silvera merely stared at the hologram in front of him. This never-before-seen power that he had awakened was horrifyingly bugged.

Level Up Legacy
Level Up Legacy

Without a care in the world, the golden rune drifted in front of him. It was a rune to absorb stats from opponents he kills, as his Legacy said. This in and of itself was a ridiculous skill.

Yet that was only one of many. He was a dirt-digger before he awakened the Legacy, which transformed him into… a creator.

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