Life After Death Novel by Aisha Taku

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Life After Death by Aisha Taku.


Life After Death Novel Summary.

The ghost makes use of other people’s spirit in orther to gain more power, which makes it more dangerous.

The ghost is killing people from Karachi family, the wealthy family because one of them was got a contract marriage with lady ghost when she’s alive, while at the end Sabo betrayed her and killed her.

The ghost make this as a point and tool for revenge. She killed his wife and many people from inside and outside the family.

Anyone that heard about the ghost story and then try to spread the news, he or she is going to be killed by the ghost.

Emily was hided in a separate magic bush by the ghost, because her spiritual are not easy for the ghost to make a use of it in term gaining more power.

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The ghost was burned by one of intelligent educator, but after some years. The Ghost’s spirit was also come back with more strength and power.

Life After Death Novel by Aisha Taku
Life After Death Novel by Aisha Taku

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