Lightning Dragon Novel

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Lightning Dragon Novel Summary

Two hundred years ago, a strange energy known as Meta energy erupted on earth, the energy caused all animals to begin to mutate, turning them into beasts. This led to a great war between humanity against the beasts. Humanity was on the losing side.

it was not until twenty years after the advent of meta-energy did humans got a ray of hope.

The Meta energy that mutated all animals, also helped the humans awaken their latent genes, giving them abilities. Humanity finally had a fighting chance.

Asher Terron was a boy with a very low genetic aptitude, it was non-existent. He mistakenly found out one day that the pendant that his father had left for him held the soul of an ancient lightning dragon. Now with the dragon’s soul, he gains its abilities,

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Though Earth will be lost, Asher will start a new life that will decide the survival of other realms and worlds from the same thing that destroyed Earth.

He and his companions get chosen by the blue star cosmic Academy of Magic, a senario that enables them escape death on Earth. Now trained in the academy, they can have the strength to revenge their losses

The first 50 chapters are based on Earth and they use meta abilities, but all that changes after 50, now in a Cosmic academy, they will begin learning magic based on their meta abilities.

Lightning Dragon Novel
Lightning Dragon Novel

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