Loathing Logan Novel by Mari Villarreal

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Loathing Logan Novel Summary.

Sophie Patterson had always been the quiet shy girl. She hid away from everyone, sticking to her three wonder trio; Best friend to Alexa Garlik, and Troy Michaelson.

She loved to spend time with them. The three protected each other and stood up for one another. That is unless it came from Sophie’s biggest pain and most ruthless prankster, Logan Spencer.

He was ruthless, senseless, a big flirt that made any girl fall for him with just a smile. He longed for each day to come to school just to make Sophie’s life miserable.

There was something about her that he despised. Whether it was her nerdiness or the way she was immune to his charm, she was not quite sure.

All she knew was that he was bound to make her life a living hell. Throughout their time together escalating from primary years to middle school and even on to high school; he made sure she knew he hated her existence.

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Now, as they ready for their last year of high school, he had many and plenty of new ideas to tease her, to prank her; make her life more miserable than before.

All summer long, he longed for the night, to settle down in thought and plot out each way possible to make her days long and miserable.

But one summer can have many- many changes. He greets the new year with a smile, as the king of the school and captain of his football team once again. Until he is met with a new Sophie.

Though she’s the same old Sophie inside, he finds himself falling for a much more beautiful and delicately attired Sophie. If he wasn’t secretly crushing on her before?

He was sure as hell going to fall hard for her now. Will his plot to make her life a living hell succeed?

Or will he find himself falling in love with her as he finds himself clashing paths with her more than often?

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Will she give him a chance at proving his love for her? Or is the damage too much for her to bear?

Loathing Logan Novel by Mari Villarreal
Loathing Logan Novel by Mari Villarreal

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