Lonely Bride Novel by Shikha A

Make sure you don’t overlook this amazing novel, Lonely Bride by Shikha A.

Lonely Bride Novel Summary.

“Don’t do something you will regret later, baby doll.”

His breath was fanning against my neck. As if some electricity run down to my spine, I shudder to his touch. But he did not touch me all.

“I have reggaretted way to much due to my stupidity. Now I want to think wisely.” Contolling my running heartbeat I spoke without cracking my voice.

“Fair enough then. I will be waiting for your wise and right decision.” Saying he detached his body as he look into my eyes. The eyes held warmth for me has something else which I can’t pinpoint.

Why am I getting feeling something is terribly off?.

Lonely Bride Novel by Shikha A
Lonely Bride Novel by Shikha A

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