Love Can Build A Bridge Novel by Pearle Sanjuan

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Love Can Build A Bridge by Pearle Sanjuan.

Love Can Build A Bridge Novel Summary.

Vanessa felt like the luckiest woman in the whole world when she finally got married to the man she had been in love with secretly for seven years.

If only she knew that she had just set herself up for drags and suffering… The elites barraged her with criticism at every chance they got. It was said that a country girl like her didn’t deserve to be with such a distinguished man.

Despite everything, Vanessa shut her ears and kept her eyes on Killian. All that mattered was that he was finally hers even though he didn’t love her back.

Vanessa was a firm believer that love can grow over time. She thought that if she treated Killian right, he would one day fall in love with her. But she received the greatest shocker when Killian continued to ignore her.

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It was as if she was pouring water into a basket. It wasn’t until one day Vanessa realized that she was wasting her precious time. Even before she married Killian, she had it all.

Money wasn’t a problem for her. She had a pretty face, a killer body, and the charm boys died for. Why then should she continue to waste her youthful years on an emotionless robot? Vanessa filed for divorce and decided that they go their separate ways.

It was a welcomed development for Killian until he saw her in the news after the divorce. His docile ex-wife was a whole new person. One moment she was dining with a tech mogul.

And the next moment, she was rumored to be dating a fast-rising star. Jealousy engulfed Killian in a trice. He threw his phone to the wall and barked,

“Fuck! That’s my woman!” When they met again, Killian tried to move to her. But Vanessa just smiled politely and said, “Sir, I don’t believe we have met. May I know who you are?” Killian couldn’t believe his ears!.

Love Can Build A Bridge Novel by Pearle Sanjuan
Love Can Build A Bridge Novel by Pearle Sanjuan

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