Love Of Lies Novel by AminaSb

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Love Of Lies Novel Summary.

Tara is a simple caring lady, being a simple lady no one dares to mess with her and get over it.

Tara lacks nothing with a single phone call she can get make a nation bow down to her, and hiding her true identity is something she has been doing since high school.

Tara has been through a lot, money is never a problem for her but love is always, all she wants is a loyal loving man who will stand by her.

Andrew is a loving but arrogant man that cares about no one but himself. He is no less than a ruthless criminal, hundreds of souls have been slaughtered by him.

After Tara is broke up with her boyfriend, she swears to never ride on the dating train again but when an argument arises, Tara lies that Andrew is her boyfriend,

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and Andrew with the thought of using Tara as a shield to prevent him from being busted by the cops, he agreed to that but unknown to him is that Tara isn’t who she really is.

Love Of Lies Novel by AminaSb
Love Of Lies Novel by AminaSb

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