Love on the Brain Novel by Jblake

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Love on the Brain Novel Summary.

“I saw it first.” “I had him first.” That’s what I think every time I see my friend kiss her husband in front of me.

Every time he’s smiled at her and murmured ace things in her ear over the years. I met Trent during a college party. He gave me the best night of my life and then forgot me, but he didn’t forget Pauline.

The next thing I knew after deducing that he was living the worst hangover ever, he had organized a campus-wide search to find the golden-haired, angel-faced girl who had won his ghoulish heart,

but whom he hadn’t approached because he was too busy making love to someone else in a room in his fraternity. Me. A girl willing to sin whatever it took to get him back.

Love on the Brain Novel by Jblake
Love on the Brain Novel by Jblake

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