Lovely Secret And Lies Novel by Elena Titania

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Lovely Secret And Lies Novel Summary.

Johan Williams is a seventeen years old lad, a normal high school student, dating his childhood sweetheart out of similarity, it wasn’t out of love.

He knew something was wrong, he isn’t attracted to females no matter how much effort he puts in. Filled with anxiety, questions,

Johan needed to talk to someone who knew better but when he bumped into the playboy named Haruto at a club, the richest dude in his school, demanding to be friends with benefits,

all hell broke loose.  When the feeling called love comes into their relationship, Haru disappears.   One is abandoned, his heart fills with hatred.  The other is abused, no turning back. Given their circumstances,

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will these two students ever come across each other and accept each other’s feelings or never to see the other again? For more details,

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Lovely Secret And Lies Novel by Elena Titania
Lovely Secret And Lies Novel by Elena Titania

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