Love’s Alchemy: Breaking Shadows Novel

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Love’s Alchemy: Breaking Shadows Novel Summary

Dorian Shadowvale, once guided by a moral compass, found himself transformed into a soulless villain through the unending cycle of transmigration. This shift in his destiny occurred when he unintentionally stumbled upon the ancient and ominous “Cursed Amulet of Shadows.”

Upon contact, the amulet intricately tied his fate to the cosmic threads of the multiverse, through a system, casting him as a recurring villain in each world it touched. The malevolence entrenched in every realm gradually chipped away at his humanity, pushing him to commit unspeakable acts driven by the relentless pursuit of power and survival.

Realizing the amulet thrives on timeline alterations, Dorian plots to exploit its hunger for disruption. He carefully orchestrates shifts that not only feed the amulet’s appetite for chaos but also weaken its grip on his soul.

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Along this challenging path, he encountered a man who embodied everything he wasn’t – a stark contrast that raised questions about what Dorian truly needed for redemption.

Love's Alchemy: Breaking Shadows Novel
Love’s Alchemy: Breaking Shadows Novel

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