Loving a Clueless Man Novel by Hiraya Cross

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Loving a Clueless Man by Hiraya Cross.

Loving a Clueless Man Novel Summary.

Ciara Cabral was kicked out by her mother as soon as she turned sixteen. She’s not part of the family her mother was building with a man not her father.

She found herself homeless and helpless. A week into the streets, Renzo Pantoja approached her and offered her a place to stay, having experienced homelessness as well and knowing it must be more difficult for a young girl.

He’s usually not at home anyway, too busy working here and there, building up his savings, and chasing the financial freedom he craves. Life isn’t easy, though. There are plenty of challenges.

Lacking formal education, Renzo’s finding it difficult to secure a regular employment with good pay and benefits. Even so, he promised himself – never again is he going to sleep on the streets.

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He’s a hard worker and diligent in whatever jobs he got. Too busy with everything else, he didn’t bother finding love again after his ex-girlfriend turned him down for someone richer. Years passed and Ciara continued her admiration of him.

It took him a long time, but one day, he finally recognized her presence as a grown-up woman. But it was then that the complications began.

Would he be able to overcome everything and be firm with his decisions?

Loving a Clueless Man Novel by Hiraya Cross
Loving a Clueless Man Novel by Hiraya Cross

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