Loving Miss Daniels Novel by Unika

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Loving Miss Daniels Novel Summary.

Morgan Daniels never felt the love of her parents growing up. They were always so discriminative and distant towards her, and it only worsened after her father died.

She found out that he left the majority of their home decor service to Roi, her big brother and also found out that her girlfriend has been shagging her brother.

Betrayed, Morgan decides to sell her share of the company and starts afresh in a new city. Now at twenty-five, she is a successful club owner and a ruthless playgirl.

Love is no longer her language as she sleeps around and doesn’t care who she hurts. Maia Shelton grows up in a foster family, and she dreams of going to college to make her dreams come true.

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And after taking up several jobs, extra shifts and a gap year after completing high school, she gets to live her dream of going to college as she gains enrollment into the University of the Community- Mildenhall, to study Business Management.

At first sight, Morgan is hooked on Maia. Maybe it is her innocence, her beauty, or the fact that Maia reminded her of her very first love.

However, Morgan finds it impossible not to request an indecent proposal from Maia.

Loving Miss Daniels Novel by Unika
Loving Miss Daniels Novel by Unika

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