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Loving my Luna Novel Summary.

It all started with Liam who have refused marriage but had to change his decision when he finally fall in love with Luna.

Before that, Leo have be trouble, he wanted Liam to get married so he can manage the company properly. Liam be so reluctant with his marital life style decided to be moving around sleeping with ladies.

He have refused to be held by a single lady as wife. In so doing he came into agreement with Sherman to have Luna act as his wife, while she was for Liam.

Luna have loved to be with Liam from the beginning, so she see this as an opportunity to accomplish it. Thee idea brought by Sherman and his wife was welcome, and Luna finally came to live with them.

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She acted so intelligent that she got Liam to fall in love with her. However, Liam be a man with hookup ladies, had Ranee who Lynn his sister have gone into agreement to see that she made him love her, and married her.

But Ranee fail, she wasn’t able to get his attention. However, Liam have be in confusion, since he lack the knowledge why Luna had come to live with them, which he saw her as his father wife.

He started with the act of thinking of what to do, to see that she have be taking off from his father to be his wife. Furthermore, Ranee have already taking in, she became Pregnant for another but had to placed it on Liam,

since she is desperate to be his wife. Lynn was happy when she notice about it. She allow Ranee live with them, she was ignored by Liam who have placed his love on Luna.

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He got Luna pregnant which she hid from him. Liam was so agreed when he notice that Luna was already Pregnant, he had thought that she had gotten it for his dad. This upset him the more, while Luna his the truth from him, to test the degree of his love for her.

He was then made to stay with Ranee at that moment after Ranee miscarriage. Yet he treated Ranee so bad that she have to leave his life.

After this with long time of watching his love, Luna reveal to him her real reasons for staying. He got to love her thee more and made her his wife. Their love life began to grow, and Lynn got married to the man of her dream Lucas,

he love and cherish her the more. Making a happy family life. After this Leo got himself a wife who will just have him stay more comfortable, and be around. He ended up be a grandfather.

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Even though he didn’t further with the care to have more children, he was satisfied with having Liam and Lynn as well as his grandchildren, they have be his joy giver.

Loving my Luna Novel by Charles333
Loving my Luna Novel by Charles333

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