Loving You Forever Novel by Rophine writes

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Loving You Forever by Rophine writes.


Loving You Forever Novel Summary.

LOVING You Forever Meet Graham Grande, an alluring yet troubled CEO with a dark past, and Gigi, an easy going social butterfly and determined dreamer from Africa,

on a mission to make it big and create a better future for her family. Everything seems to go downhill when Gigi suddenly finds herself in prison but when fate brings Gigi to Graham,

she is suddenly on a mission to make his empire crumble. As their worlds collide, animosity turns into an unexpected connection.

Can Gigi’s love heal Graham’s shattered heart, or will the revelation of her true intentions leave their love story unfinished?

Loving You Forever Novel by Rophine writes
Loving You Forever Novel by Rophine writes

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  1. This is one of the best mafia stories I have read. It’s funny and interesting. I love the female lead Sunshine and her husband Renzo ♥️♥️

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