Lunar Temptations Novel by Mary Westmacott

Ensure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Lunar Temptations by Mary Westmacott.

Lunar Temptations Novel Summary.

I never thought my life would take such a thrilling and perilous turn. Born an ordinary werewolf, I roamed the woods alone, content with my solitary existence.

Until one fateful night, beneath the mesmerizing glow of the full moon, I stumbled upon a hidden pack of she-wolves.

Their eyes sparkled with an irresistible allure, and their scent intoxicated my senses. Little did I know, I was about to be drawn into a world of unimaginable desire and danger.

Lunar Temptations Novel by Mary Westmacott
Lunar Temptations Novel by Mary Westmacott

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