Mafia Dangerous Addiction Novel by Triumph. E

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Mafia Dangerous Addiction Novel Summary.

Leila, the offspring of a mother whose passion for gambling exceeded her love for her daughter, found herself entangled in a web of danger after an unplanned one-night tryst with a stranger.

Unbeknownst to her, the gentleman in question was the Don of one of Europe’s most infamous criminal organizations. As soon as he had a taste of the dark-haired beauty, Stefano,

the crime lord, was immediately smitten. In his mind, Leila was the sweetest woman he had ever tasted, and he vowed to make her his own, no matter what the cost.

Stefano’s opportunity to acquire Leila arose when her mother’s gambling debts became unmanageable.

He presented her with a proposal: he would pay off the debts in exchange for Leila’s mother agreeing to relinquish her daughter as his mistress.

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To Leila’s dismay, her mother agreed and signed the contract, effectively betraying her daughter and selling her off to a criminal mastermind.

Leila, however refused to submit herself to him, despising him and her mother for the treacherous act. Despite her rejection, Stefano remained steadfast in his determination to win her heart and prove that he was worthy of her love.

But can Leila tame the devilish side of Stefano or will she perish in her quest to do so?

Mafia Dangerous Addiction Novel by Triumph. E
Mafia Dangerous Addiction Novel by Triumph. E

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