Mafia Madman Novel by Mila Finelli

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Mafia Madman Novel Summary.

She’s no angel . . . and he’s the very devil.


I may be a mafia princess, but I have bigger plans than to stay in this sheltered world.

I’m in Milan to pursue my dreams as a fashion designer. Having an affair is the last thing on my mind, except he’s handsome and charming and Italian. In other words, he’s irresistible.

What’s the harm in having a little fun?


Years of work, my family, and almost my life—all stolen from me. For four years I rebuilt my empire, plotting in secret, planning to make him suffer as I suffered.

When the perfect weapon drops into my lap, who am I to say no?

Except Gia doesn’t seem to mind my darkness. She likes it, even welcomes it.

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I can’t let her distract me, no matter how much I want her. No matter the fire that burns hot between us. I’ll have her—and then I’ll break her.

If she expects mercy, she’ll be disappointed. I’m no hero. I’m a ruthless king, born to be the villain.

Mafia Madman Novel by Mila Finelli
Mafia Madman Novel by Mila Finelli

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