Mafia Warrior Novel by Reneè Watts

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Mafia Warrior Novel Summary.

Mafia Warrior is book number three of the Mafia Queen series. Lindy is a country girl who hates being stuck in her hometown and can’t wait to get away from all of it.

The pressure of taking over her families legacy and escaping all the gossip of the town is her main focus. Until she meets the mystery man that just got into town on business.

He won’t tell her what his business is or even his name but he will tell her exactly what he expects from her physically.

After a very persistent mystery man won’t leave her alone and even stalks her she fears for more than her life. His business has asked him to remain in her small town and he’s also wanting her to stay behind with him.

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But, that would mean giving into everything she’s worked so hard to run away from while he refuses to give her what she wants most. Loyalty and love.

Will the trials of her stalker come in between them and make her leave for good? Or will it actually bring them closer?

Mafia Warrior Novel by Reneè Watts
Mafia Warrior Novel by Reneè Watts

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