Mafia’s Little Pearl Novel by Mandy

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Mafia’s Little Pearl Novel Summary.

“You’re one interesting girl my princess,” he said. At the same time, his eyes peered into mine as his hands slipped into my dress tracing my legs up to my upper thigh.

My bare back pressed against the wall feeling the touch of his palm on my skin which sent tingling shivers down my spine and for some reason, I felt a smile creep up on my lips.

“And you aren’t a Saint either”. __ Jade Flores, a student who works part-time at the infamous Red bar. She appears and pretends to be tough meanwhile she’s the most softest and innocent girl one would ever meet.

Saint Gennaro Guerra, the city’s infamous Mafia lord. He’s Stoic, stern, dominant and of course, handsome. No one who has ever crossed him made it out of the ‘dead hole’.

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The two cross paths when one of Saint’s men who betrayed him happens to be Jade’s cousin, Marcel popularly known as ‘Tequila’. Saint rescues her from his archenemy, Matrix who is also in search of Tequila.

Saint then holds Jade as his property when he cannot find Tequila. Jade starts to fall hard for him and in as much as he pushes her away each time and keeps his walls high,

she doesn’t stop trying to break his walls. What happens when the city’s infamous man keeps facing different situations with the girl who works at the infamous bar?

Will they have themselves to fall back to? Will Saint reciprocate her feelings?.

Mafia's Little Pearl Novel by Mandy
Mafia’s Little Pearl Novel by Mandy

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