Married To A Witch Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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Married To A Witch Novel Summary.

A broken hearted witch, Asam promises a vulnerable and broken hearted widower King Dura power, honor and greatness if only he could marry her.

King Dura dies and his son Ebuna takes over the throne of his father and he must continue to marry the witch his father left behind in order to keep sustaining the Kingdom.

Ebuna refuses to take over the wife of his late father for he has found love with Princess Asira. The power that holds the kingdom is withdrawn by the Witch and Princess Asira abandons Ebuna.

Ebuna must travel to the forest of Okiri to find the witch and bring her back to the palace else the kingdom falls but he soon finds true love on his way back.

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Ebuna and his new found love Erika refuse to leave each other as the witch threatens to kill them both and destroy the Kingdom. Ebuna runs off with Erika and the witch rules the land of Mba with cruelty.

Having discussed it with Erika and she is ready to die for the Kingdom’s sake Ebuna returns to the palace with her and he orders for the death of Erika in order to please the witch

Asam and regain her trust. He soon takes advantage of that trust to learn the secret of her powers.

Married To A Witch Novel by Obiechinna Martins
Married To A Witch Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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